National Trans Day of Visibility March, Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 31st 2023

I've realized that street photography is my jam these days.  Not shooting for anyone in particular, not trying to capture any look in particular, just buzzing around in the background with my camera recording what's happening. Looking for creative photos all around me and catching them when I can. Being a part of the event without having to be very social. That's my comfort zone. I've attended and photographed at a few events lately, and I want to share some of my favorite photos here. I'll start with the most recent and work backwards. 

I attended the Trans Advocacy Coalition Oklahoma We Won't Be Eradicated Demonstration on March 31st 2023, which started at Tulsa's Central Library and ended at Dennis R Neill Equality Center. I wanted to attend to walk along with the group in protest of our state's inhumane legal proposals against trans residents, and I took my camera because I knew this was important. I went in with the intention of capturing the general mood of the event, which I honestly expected to be a lot of anger, because that's how I feel about seeing human rights being taken away from a particular group of people based on their identity. I ran around the edges of the group and spoke with different people as we walked and the mood was so uplifting. Everyone was cheerful and glad to be out in support of the cause. These people were among like minded individuals just being out and being themselves while gathering for #nationaltransdayofvisibility and the joy and pride was contagious. 

A Pride flag waving in front of the Downtown Tulsa skyline - Photo by Liz Cousins
A couple kisses in front of a MAGA hat wearing protestor at the Tulsa Trans Day of Visibility march - photo by Liz Cousins
Individuals wave pride flags at the trans march in Tulsa - Photo by Liz Cousins
A person signs "I Love You" while holding a Love pride flag - photo by Liz Cousins, Tulsa, Oklahoma
3 people arrive for the march in downtown Tulsa - photo by Liz Cousins


To view the full album of photos, please visit my Facebook page, here. 

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