Burlesque performer butts with cannabis leaves projected onto them, photo by Liz Cousins-Huckleby

Now for sale - Cannabutts for your walls!

Between seeing all the 4/20 posts being made today and reminiscing on my pinup and burlesque photography years, what better day to start adding some of that work to my website, and what better photo than the one I've cheekily titled "Cannabutts."

This photo is actually 3 different group photos shot separately and stitched together in post processing, but the effect of the cannabis leaves on the butts was done in studio with a projector.  I was in my big basement studio in downtown Tulsa at the time and learned to lean into the lack of natural light with experimental shoots like this.  The models are all local burlesque performers, who came to me for a promo shoot for their troupe at the time.  I loved working with burlesque performers because they were always down when I would say "I have an idea, it involves nudity" and they understand the use of the human body as an art form which made them all great to work with creatively. 

This is a favorite, and at whatever size you choose it at it prints with the black borders to fill out the excess space in the frame, which acts as a sort of digital mat visually. It looks especially great on metallic. If you are interested in ordering a custom print of the photo without the negative space please reach out to me at liz@photosbyliz.com. 

Personally, now that we have legal medical cannabis in Oklahoma, I'd love to see some dispensaries hang it! 

Buy your copy here, prints are shipped directly from my pro lab to you to keep shipping and handling times quick: https://photosbyliz.com/products/cannabutts

A line of nude butts with cannabis leaves projected on them.

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