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Hi! I feel like before I jump into this I should explain where the website has been. I don't know how to be anything but an oversharer but I'll try to keep it short: over the last few years I've gone through a whole wave of things that caused me to experience a mental, physical, emotional, and financial breakdown. A lot of the hardest feelings surrounded my photography and my studio and I experienced a burnout that was so painful I couldn't bring myself to address the executive function it took to wrap up all the loose ends from the studio closing, all while I was dealing with a lot of long-Covid after effects. With the help of going on 3 years of trauma therapy and making lots of changes to my life and how I approach things, I'm figuring out why some things that seem so easy for so many people are so hard for me, and I'm working to learn to accept the pace at which I'm having to do things and to just keep moving forward even if it seems incredibly slow. My life looks completely different than it did three years ago, and I celebrate every positive change that I have fought so hard to make and am now feeling strong enough to start tackling some overdue things that filled me with panic just months ago. I know a lot of people who have been watching from the outside don't understand these things, but I've come to accept that too. 

That said, my first step in easing back into catching back up is to get my website going again and my catalog of work back up for sale because things are at a standstill and have been for quite some time and it's been a struggle.  My days of portrait photography for hire are over. I've realized my original love in photography is exactly how I started before I decided to monetize my hobby: driving around and exploring new places and photographing the cool things i see along the way. I intend to use this website and blog to both sell my photography for wall art as well as to be a place to house all of the things I know and places I see about travel, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and of course Route 66.  People ask me local and travel advice and I hope to craft some blog posts to be able to refer them to. I'll also share stories and photos from cool places I visit. 

So if you'd like to support this journey of slowly digging myself back out of the hole I've been in, consider buying some art from me! I'm partnering with my lab to have the pieces shipped directly to you, so I won't be playing middle man and slowing down the orders. I'm beginning with my Oklahoma signs collection, and will continue to add to the galleries as I slowly sort my 20+ year professional photo catalog, so much of which has never been seen. 

Feel free to follow along!

Feel like contributing to my adventures? My Venmo is @Liz-Huckleby

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